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RE: [CDT-L] Pur Hiker water filter

Often times, I find I have to bang on a company's door pretty loudly to make
myself heard, even if it means repeating myself.  With a letter or email, we are
at the mercy of whoever opens/reads it and is responsible for formulating a
response.  For all we know, it may be a disgruntled employee.  There are some
real winners out there in the customer service department.  I once got several
generic email responses that were identical word for word that were answers to
my follow up emails asking them why they didn't answer the previous ones.  It
was for a computer program bug that I was reporting.  When I further brought
that redundancy to their attention, I got another identical email.  The ones
that say nothing specific, just a lot of general catch all terms.

Of course, some companies surprise me and are really helpful - quick and
courteous.  As the saying goes, generally you can catch more flies with honey
than with vinegar.  But that doesn't even work at times, and then you have to
bring out the fly swatter.

I also have a Pur Hiker.  Haven't used it much, and haven't had any problems so


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	We're taking care of business here - this is a copy of a letter which I
> have sent to Pur. I think it might be of interest to anyone who
> backpacks - and certainly to long distance hikers.

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