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[CDT-L] Ruckfund Results

Well since I took the opportunity to use this list to plug the Ruck and ask
you all to contribute to the Ruckfund to benefit The Place in Ed Garvey's honor
I thought I'd better share the excellent results of everyone's efforts and

The total raised by the RuckRaffle, Ruck Auction and other contributions was
$3686.00.  This money goes to the Damascus UMC Hostel Committee for
the improvement and maintenance of the The Place Hostel in Damascus.

As I understand it, the current thinking is that The Place will be either 
painted or sided and possibly winterized for year round use.  Our thanks
to anyone who kicked in to the Ruckfund.  You can still make contributions
directly to The Place     http://www.damascus.org/trailservices/hostel.htm

And bookmark our Rucksite  http://friends.backcountry.net/ruck/index.html
Once we all catch our breath (and the film comes back <grin> ) we'll be
posting pictures and tales of the fun of this year's Ruck!!  
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