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Re: [at-l] Trail Maintainers

In a message dated 8/30/99 7:04:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time, kahley7@ptd.net 

<< Showing my ignorance but, where do the folks that maintain the trails
 get the money to do so?  And do they maintain trails other that the AT? >>

    It depends on the policy of the club.  Here at the New York-New Jersey 
Trail Conference, we expect maintainers to pay their own way when it comes to 
driving to the trail, etc.  But if there is any major expense involved (i.e., 
construction of a bridge, shelter, etc., purchase of expensive tools), that 
would be paid by our club.  We often receive grants from other organizations 
to defray these large expenditures.

    As to the maintenance of other trails, our organization maintains 1,300 
miles of trails in the New York-New Jersey area, of which only about 160 
miles is the A.T.  Other ATC member clubs maintain only the A.T.  In most 
cases, an individual maintainer will maintain only a few miles of trail, so 
if he is assigned to the A.T., he won't be maintaining any other trails 

        Daniel Chazin
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