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[at-l] N.H.-Maine trip report (short)

The hikers

Drill Sargent Gorp (the hiker formally known as Mrs. Gorp)
Chase (the hiker I always seem to be chasing)
woodelf (your narrator)

The Hike

Franconia Notch......the beginning

Mt. Washington.......smile you're on candid camera  :-)

Gohram N.H.....the Drill Sargent leaves (told her we were just packing
baked beans)

Mahoosuc Notch....Oh the humanity of it, bleached bones, broken packs,
lost souls

Stratton Me......mmmmmm showers

The Return

Canada, Freeport, LL Bean, The North Face, Patagonia, the beach, New
Hampshire, Massachusetts (oops), New Hampshire again, jet planes more jet
planes, home (mmmm),  work  :-(     good night


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