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Re: [at-l] another simpiler running question?

If the subject is running we're not talking about protecting your feet from
snow, cold, wet etc. The reason to buy new, good shoes is for the
cushioning and it's not your feet your protecting, it's the joints above
your feet (ankles, knees and hips). Humans were designed to walk and if you
want to go barefoot everywhere you'll toughen up enough to do it but....
unless your ancestry is Tarahumara or some African tribes, running is
another ball game. Most of us aren't built to run barefoot. As I said in an
earlier post your change your shoes regularly for the cushioning. Looks,
waterproofness and even traction are a very distant second priority.

When you run every impact is multiplied (6 times your weight if I remember
correctly) and that's hard on your joints. Your joints have connective
tissue between the bones to act as cushioning and as a slick surface for
the movement of the joint. Impact damages the connective tissue and as we
age it doesn't regenerate as well. If you damage it too badly you'll find
yourself with 'Runners Knee' or some similar problem. It can sneak up on
you and you will think you're fine until you have a big problem that takes
mucho time and/or surgery to correct. It may take a long time to show up
(like getting cancer from cigarettes) but long term, the odds are against
you. This is the voice of experience talking. It's why I had to give up
running and endured months of pain. Trust me. Good shoes *ARE* important if
you are going to run.


>i keep hearing this thing about good shoes and shoes wearing out i am the
>king as wearing shoes way to long my last pair of shoes i have had for so
>long i do not remember buying them .. like maybe even something insane like
>9 years now( when i think my memory fuzzes).... i walk around bare foot all
>the time all year even in the winter..clip..
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