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Re: [at-l] PUR Hiker vs. Polar Pure

You raise the perfect questions. I carry both. I carry the Hiker exactly 
for the ability to drink immediately. I carry the Polar Pure in the 
expectation that the Hiker will break. I believe in having a back up for 
something as important as water. The Polar Pure is ideal as it simply 
cannot go bad the way iodine tablets will in just a few months.

The thermometer on the Polar Pur should let you know how many caps of 
solution to add to water for treatment in 20 minutes. The thermometer on my 
bottle feel off on the first outing. The colder the water, the more iodine 
you need to get purification. A fair compromise is 3 caps, regardless of 
the temperature if you have any jacket or windbreaker on. Giardia is the 
reason to wait for a full 20 minutes, as it is the toughest to kill. Most 
everything else is dead within 5 minutes. Polar Pure has a very useful 
information sheet in each box.

In any case, you need to determine the amount of water you should carry for 
your comfort level. Some people carry several liters, others far less. 
There are some long sections of the AT (particularly after Hightower Gap) 
where water is simply not found. I keep an emergency liter of Gatorade to 
build my confidence, and to bail me out when I'm overconfident.

Atlanta, GA

At 09:27 AM 8/30/1999 -0500, Phil Heffington wrote:
>...It occurred to me over the weekend that it might, in fact, not be a 
>good weight
>trade off.  My PUR Hiker weighs 15 oz.and my Polar Pure bottle filled weighs
>5 oz.  Sounds like a no brainer in saving 10 oz., but is it really?  If I
>carry the PUR Hiker and fill my bottle(s) and drink them on the spot,
>wouldn't it be better than carrying the weight of the water for the period
>of time it takes for the iodine to work?  At 2 lbs. per quart the weight of
>the water gets pretty heavy if it is just for the purpose of waiting until
>the iodine works.  Also, how cold is the spring water on the trail?  How
>will this affect the time it takes for the iodine to work in it?

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