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Re: [at-l] Beating a Dead Horse with Poles

Sure, the points damage the trail. Your boots also damage the trail. You 
will notice that the trail is a well worn rut due to the damage and erosion 
our feet make as we amble along.

I have used both the rubber tips on my non-shock absorber and non-ergonomic 
REI poles, and carbide tips on my shock absorbing and non-ergonomic Leki's. 
Both worked, but the rubber wears out fairly quickly to expose the carbide 
tip. I have not found a particular benefit with the shock absorber, nor a 
particular penalty for the non-ergonomic handle. Properly used, you don't 
use the handle much - you depend on the strap. I would pay more attention 
to the strap and its comfort than any other component of the pole.

If your Significant Other would feel that your carbide tips were destroying 
the trail, I'd consider the rubber tips. Sometimes a shared delusion is 
better than nothing shared at all!

Atlanta, GA

At 11:13 AM 8/30/1999 -0400, Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:
>However, I have also observed what damage said tips have done to the rock 
>grade our local outfitter uses to test boots.  All the rocks are scratched 
>from people testing these poles--which was proudly pointed out to me as 
>proof that the little tips grip just fine.  Are the carbide tips that 
>damaging in actual trail use?

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