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Re: [at-l] Fun.was re: freedom

In a message dated 08/30/1999, 3:06:55 PM, TOKTAADN@aol.com writes:
<<3)  Upon consultation with my attorney, I've filed the paperwork to regain 
freedom from my previous owner, POG, who has blatantly abused her rights as 
master of her obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and irreverent 
slave.  Besides my featherduster has worn the finish right off her knick 
knacks what with the daily dustings and all.  Since all hiker babes now know 
of my extreme value as a slave, I expect my value to exceed a canadian dollar 
by a multiple of at least 1.000005.  One hopes for a kind beneficent master 
this time!>>

Since this case has not been decided by the proper authorities, perhaps you 
had better hold off on auctioning yourself off again. I am not giving up 
quite that easily! I am not sure what you have been doing with that 
featherduster because knickknacks have plenty of dust still on them. 

I resent your implications that I have not been kind and just with you. Do I 
not let you wear that aforementioned tutu any time you want? I think that if 
anyone is going to offer you up for bid, it should be me. I will have to 
ponder that possibility, seen as it would be for a good cause. 

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