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[at-l] News & Notes from the NY-NJ Trail Conference, 8/27/1999 (fwd)

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> Because of the re-opening of the trails, this "edition" of News & Notes, an 
> occasional e-mail alert service for individual members of the  NYNJTC, is 
> also being distributed to club officials and partners of the Conference.
> Contents:
>      * NYS Trails Re-open!
>      * Join AHS for only $8 (usually $25)
>      * Wolves & Wilderness, Oct. 5th (free)
>      * Gala Dinner-Dance, Sept. 26th at Bear Mtn. Inn
>        * Route 23A in Catskills closed as of Sept. 7th
> ================
> NYS Trail Re-open:
>      Most hiking trails in NY State are re-opening today.  Both the Taconic 
> Park Commission (Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess & Columbia countries)  
> and the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (Rockland, Orange, Ulster & 
> Sullivan counties) have announced that trails and woodlands will re-open  
> today, 8/27/1999.  NYS DEC has re-opened the Stewart (airport) buffer lands.  
> Black Rock Forest & Schunemunk Mtn have also reopened, though the 
> Schunemunk "closed" signs may still be in place. The Catskill campfire ban 
> remains in  effect.  The main exception is Storm King State Park which is and 
> will remain closed  to all uses for the foreseeable future.  The recent fires 
> there
> revealed dozens of  unexploded shells -  probably from the WWI to WWII 
> period.  
> Some of the shells exploded during the fire. The park will remain closed 
> until 
> the area can be cleared.  No timetable for this work has been set.
>      At this time (10am, 8/27) we are unsure of the status of Long Island 
> parks.
> For LI info, contact the LI Greenbelt Trail Conference at 516/360-0753. If
> needed, you can check for updates on our website http://www.nynjtc.org or call
> the NYNJTC office - after normal business hours - at 212/685-9699 for recorded
> information.
>      New Jersey trails remain open but there is a campfire ban in the 
> Kittatinnies
> and at many other state parks and forests.
> Join AHS for only $8:
>      Our President, Neil Zimmerman, is also on the Board of the American 
> Hiking Society.  He has about 50 special offer cards that allow NYNJTC 
> members to join AHS at just $8  (a 68% discount!).  If you'd like us to mail 
> one
> to you, please make your request to nynjtc@aol.com.  Be sure to include your 
> name and zip code with your request.  To find out more about AHS, visit their 
> new website at http://www.americanhiking.org
> ADK/Knickerbocker Program, 10/5:
>      Wolves and Wilderness, a free special program of the Knickerbocker 
> Chapter of the Adirondack Mtn. Club, will be presented on Tuesday, October 
> 5th on Manhattan's Upper West Side.  NYNJTC members are invited.  For more 
> information, visit http://www.adk-nyc.org/activities/activities.htm or e-mail 
> them at jkolp@compuserve.com
> Dinner-Dance, 9/26:
>      Reminder: our gala dinner-dance honoring outgoing NYNJTC President 
> Neil Zimmerman (1987-1999) is on Sunday Sept. 26th at the Bear Mtn Inn -- 
> and it features the Big Band Swing Machine with Harry Glogower.  Everyone is 
> invited to come and see Neil get a well deserved "roasting" and to enjoy the 
> Inn
> in the fall (now under new management). 
>      Invitations were mailed to most of you earlier this month.  If you need 
> another (or just joined), please call or e-mail us.  But don't delay -- space 
> is 
> filling up.     nynjtc@aol.com  212/685-9699 
>      Catskill area trails chair Peter Senterman reports that Route 23A 
> from Palenville to Haines Falls (Catskill Trails Map #41, Grids O/P-3/4) will
> be closed to all traffic starting Sept 7th.  Closure could last as long as
> Thanksgiving depending on what they find.  This is a permanent repair for 
> some temporarily repaired damage caused by the flood of January 1996.
> ===== end =====
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