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[at-l] Fun..was re: freedom

At 09:13 PM 8/27/99 -0400, bullard@northnet.org wrote:

>Set it up. As soon as there is a legit fund raising effort, you've got my
>$10. Nobody else asked for money to buy the land.

Sorry friend Saunterer......I don't have the skills for an endeavor of that
scope.  Heck....I can't even get a phone number right!!

But....I am twisting my brain trying to figure a FUN way to raise a few
bucks for the ATC at this year's RUCK.
Just because Rucksters are disreputable doesn't mean they can't be had
if the bait is right.  So if you or anyone else has any ideas....other than
another auction of Solarbear's Service, PLEASE E-ME!!!
We already have at least one offer of gear (as yet unspecified) as well as
actual donation of a fuel bottle and a Thermarest (both gently used).
I just don't know how to convert these goodies to cold hard cash.

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