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[at-l] Some info on HAPPY.EXE virus you got from Felix ;-)

If HAPPY has modified your system, an up-to-date antivirus program can 
get rid of it for you. Those who love to tinker can even do it 
manually. (Do not attempt this procedure manually, however, unless 
you're familiar with modifying Windows system files. And always have a 
bootable emergency diskette available when you modify system files.) 
Here's how: 

Select Start, Shut Down, Restart In MS-DOS Mode. Then, you can safely 
delete the files Ska.exe, Ska.dll, Liste.ska, and Wsock32.dll from the 
\Windows\System folder/directory. Next, rename the file Wsock32.ska to 
Wsock32.dll and reboot (Wsock32.ska is a backup copy of your original 
Wsock32.dll). Be sure to delete the source of the problem, 

The next time you receive an executable file attached to an e-mail, 
remember that if you open/run it, you are taking a risk. The only safe 
thing to do is read the text message and discard the attachment. Then 
tell the sender you have done so, and why. 

-Uncle Milt

"In the name of the Bee, and of the Butterfly, and of the Breeze, Amen" -
    --Emily Dickenson

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