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[at-l] For Hiker Babes and guys with hiker babes!!

I am forwarding this over here for Rosie so as many hiking folk can hear
about it as possible =)  Also...the "women only" WATL that was generated
from Trailplace has been discontinued. The hiker babes have set up a new
spot. Anyone interested can contact me for info.


Coming September, 1999: Women and Thru-hiking on the Appalachian 
Trail-Practical Advice from Hundreds of Women Long Distance Hikers by 95
thru-hiker Beverly "Maine Rose" Hugo and published by Insight Publishing
Company, Sevierville, TN. 

Price: $15.95 plus S+H. To order: call Toll Free- 888-281-2665(BOOK) 
Order multiple copies and save on S+H.       

The result of a two year project, Women and Thru-hiking on the
Appalachian Trail contains the responses to a 72 question on-line
database,  survey and questionnaire sent to hundreds of experienced AT
women long distance hikers throughout the USA. Topics covered: the
before, during, and after process of thru-hiking the AT. This women's
book includes extensive sections on safety, hygiene, hiking solo and with
a partner, hitchhiking, mental and physical preparation, leaving loved
ones, communication, lifestyle changes, animal encounters, dealing with
the elements, self-esteem and self-image issues, 
weight changes and muscle development, motivation, goal setting, dealing
with injuries, illness, PMS, and much much more plus an excellent
bibliography by Linda Patton, reference librarian at Florida State
University. Appropriate for all women hikers no matter what age,
experience, and hiking distance planned.

Purchase in quantity as a fund raiser for your hiking club, scout group,
or women's organization. Speak to publisher for details and speaking
engagements by the author.

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