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Re: [at-l] another simpiler running question?

     wisperlight writes:
>And you are right not to walk/run on the concrete.  Asphalt is 
>okay if you have good shoes.

 i walk around bare foot all the time all year even in the winter(mostly 
inside and around my lawn it is unacceptable publicly in my area).

i would think it would let you foot muscles and bones pivet,strecth, and 
bend in a bettter more natural way actually..you figure thosands of millions 
years of evolution(if you beilive in evolution that is) would be better than 
100 years of shoe making?

nothign beats gripping the ground with your toes. 
any interesting stories to prove me wrong? cause i am not saying i am right 
i am just saying i always thougt about it this way.
     Sloetoe responds:
     You're absolutely right, once again. Without a lot of intro, two 
     thoughts are tossed around a bunch in running circles: 1) If you want 
     to improve your running form efficiency, run barefoot and watch what 
     happens to the foot plant and vertical (wasted) motion 2) The 
     contemporary running shoe (with it's focus on a built-up heel) has 
     guaranteed us an increase in Achilles Tendonitis and associated 
     knee-calf-ankle-foot problems, by allowing the shortening that 
     most-important tendon and the weakening of associated soft tissue 
     (encouraged by contemporary street shoes) to continue into our 
     recreation/exercise. Going barefoot is a GREAT way to exercise your 
     legs as well as your feet -- IF YOU'RE USED TO IT. As far as that 
     goes, Wisperlite, you're way ahead of the game in lower-limb health!

     Run/hike/walk well,
     (BTW, you might really enjoy the Dead Runner's Society list. Look in a 
     search engine for "dead runners" and you'll see how to subscribe. It's 
     a lot of traffic, so I "digest", but it's a broad spectrum of 
     participants, from experts to neophites, and they're a fun groupe. 
     It's the at-l of running, I think. (That's my form of high praise...)

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