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Re: [at-l] Me tinks...

Hi, Felix J. McGillicuddy,

Please note that your computer has been infected by Happy99 "virus".

Even though this is technically not a virus but a "worm", it will multiply (by sneakily creating new attachment to e-mails without sender's knowledge) and cause system file change.  If any of you should receive such a file, the advice is to trash it.  DO NOT RUN IT (such as double-click the attachment icon).

If you have already received AND ran it, check out how to reverse the damage at http://www.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/happy99.worm.html  Best to do this before posting any message here.

General speaking one should NOT open or run any attachment with .exe extension without first checking with the sender.  Better safe than sorry.


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