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[at-l] Let's play "Who Said This" ...

Let's play  "Who Said This" ...

   >Shouldn't we remember that effective leadership can take us in the wrong
   >direction just as well as in the right direction? Isn't the free
   >of ideas the best check we have against focused pursuit in the wrong

   That is always the case. You have to examine the leadership, question the
   motives, and see if what it is saying rings true, or has a moral
   if it is espousing something that is unpopular with the masses. However,
   the totally free exchange of ideas (at least on the internet) is not
   a good thing, either. It gives an equal voice to everyone, and everyone
   not earned the right to have an equal voice when it comes to assuming a
   leadership position. Having someone spout off with an opinion based on
   little knowledge or investment is not the same as having someone provide
   leadership based on years of dedication and experience. Leadership is not
   always right, but it should be respected (while questioning) by those who
   are not providing leadership but benefiting from the things the

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