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Re: [at-l] High Point State Park, NJ

Re: Parking at High Point State Park  is free.  There is a specific parking 
lot for AT overnight hikers.  The permit is nothing more than a postcard that 
you fill out and leave on your dashboard (name, address, to, from, dates, 
etc.).  These are obtained at the ranger station on Rt. 23.  If the station 
is closed, there should be some just inside the front door.

Not really sure about the shelter usage.  Northbound the next shelter is in 
the park: High Point Shelter.  Next one northbound is Pochuck.  Off of the 
top of my head, I believe it to be about 12 - 13 miles between the 2 
shelters.  The main water supply around Pochuck shelter, Pochuck Well, is dry 
and I believe, permanently closed.
Other sources will probably be scarce.  You can fill up at the High Point 
ranger station and there is a stream near High Pont Shelter.  I don't know 
what condition it is in.

Southbound, Rutherford Shelter is 1st - about 2.5 miles.  The spring is 
supposedly very weak at this time.  Next shelter is Mashipacong, about 
another 5-6 miles.  There is a well across the street below the shelter.  I 
believe that is also dry.

The only dependable water supply (IMHO) that you can count on at this time is 
at High Point.

Good Luck with your hike.

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