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[at-l] Give ME the Chocolate.

     Dunham's -- a store I haven't had too much use for in the past couple 
     of years -- had Reese's PB Cups on sale for $1.29/10pack. Bought two. 
     Plan on consuming them consecutively. Right now.
     Currently listening to John Mellencamp's '98 self-titled, with 
     particular attention to cuts like "Your Life is Now" and "I'm Not 
     Running Anymore" and "Where The World Began".... Following this with 
     Mickey Hart/Planet Drum "Supralingua."
     Of course, I'm at work, on a lovely Saturday, writing answers to 
     discovery questions posed by the lawyer for "The Woman Now Known As 
     The Petitioner."
     OK, well, two out of three ain't bad.
     (Bat Out of Hell. 1976? Good album, that.)
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