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[at-l] Stitches' Journal

I've got Stitches' journal updated to June 25th, which isn't really that much 
updated :) but I am waiting for transcripts from a list member, and when I 
get those, it will be updated for real.  I passed off the transcribing duties 
while dealing with Mom's death. I also added a picture of Mara, now that I 
have a scanner.

On another subject, I had about a gadzillion photos from Trail events, 
starting with Trail Fest last year.  As soon as I figure out the best format 
for putting them on the web, I'll get those up.  They will include pics of 
all the lister's hiking this year that I met while they were in Erwin.  
Because there are so many, I am not sure how to format the site yet for the 
speediest viewing.  I''m working on it. :)

The Redhead
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