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[at-l] John Wilkes Booth

Hypothetical situation:

Picture this, won't you...

A young John Wilkes Booth was travelling the country with an acting
troupe. He hears of an opportunity to have an audience with none other
than the president of the United States of America. His agent told him
to write the good president and see what arrangements could be made.
Well, young John Wilkes (called Spud by close friends. A little known
fact of history) wrote a note to the president thanking him profusely
for even an opportunity to discuss the chance of the president watching
his troupe perform. He then asked when the president's schedule was best
suited for this performance. He mailed the note.
A while later, the postman brought the message back, stamped with the
words "President's Mailbox is Full". Well, this chagrined our young
friend. He asked his agent what to do. The agent said "Write him again
and again and again. He has asked for this letter from you. You must
send it to him until he receives it." Young John Wilkes wrote, and
mailed, this letter over and over again. It kept coming back to him with
the same markings. This went on until that April evening, when our young
Booth could no longer stand receiving 'returned' mail. He decided to
take matters into his own hands.

Does anybody think that Mike Lincoln is, in fact, related to Abraham
Lincoln? I'd clean up that mailbox, Mike.   :-)

(all of this reminds me of my most favorite piece of all time. I am

Felix J. McGillicuddy
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