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Re: [at-l] Love it or leave it

> Unfortunately, Mr. Breen's property rights are going to be
> violated whether I hike the trail or not. The violation shall
> be conducted using my tax money whether I like it or not. If
> not hiking the trail would have any effect in the matter, I'd
> stop hiking it.

Here's an idea: why don't you publicize that you're thru hiking because you
think Mr. Breen's rights are being violated. That's right: you're thru,
finished, quit hiking. Do it for six months and 2,200 miles, standing in
one place. Use a pedometer to count the five million steps. Call in the TV
cameras, CNN, and the NYT. Collect money for Mr. Breen's defense of his
rights. Maybe then not hiking the trail would have an effect in the matter.
You could do it in Harpers Ferry, put your hat down in front of you, and
invite thru hikers to drop their spare change (too heavy anyway) into it;
and you could hit the tourists too. I think you could have an enormous
effect on the outcome at Saddleback if you set your mind to it and actually
stopped hiking the AT. You could get free Web time doing it in front of the
Washington Web cam. Let me also suggest that you publish your journal each
day on the web, at Trailplace, which gets plenty of hits, or better yet,
start your own web site to publicize your thru hike. Stop hiking neked on
June 22. You could put a dictionary of pornographic words invisibly on the
background of the page and the search engines would bring in all kinds of
people who would support your efforts (bait 'n switch works great). Why
I'll bet you could set it up to raise enough money autoskimming from credit
cards to buy the mountain for yourself at a price beyond Mr. Breen's
wildest dreams. Go for it.

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