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Re: [at-l] Re: AT -- GMM'99: If I'd known it was this hard..


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Subject: [at-l] Re: AT -- GMM'99: If I'd known it was this hard....
Author:  "David Hicks" <davehicks@worldnet.att.net> at ima
Date:    8/27/99 9:08 AM

7/20/99 11:10 PM Thomas McGinnis at UCCLAN wrote:
>     If I'd known that the Grandfather Mountain Marathon was as hard as all 
>     that, I NEVER would have run it. Maybe....
I'm no runner.  However, I often attend Grandfather Mountain -- one of the 
old guys in a kilt, not one of the runners.  Also, as a volunteer for the 
USFS, most years I help clear trails used in the Old Dominion-100  -- which 
might be your next step up once you've recovered from GMM.

****TMc responds:
Thanks! Your volunteering is one of the least glorious ways to spend a 
Saturday or a weekend, but is sorely needed, both by the USFS AND by the 
ultra runners. But me? Do OD-100? Eeesh!
Old Dominion covers one enormous loop in through the Massanutten Mountains, 
the Shenandoah River Valley and Fort Valley. It includes 11 significant 
climbs, totaling 14,000 feet of gain. "The course is planned to be a fair 
test of endurance running 100 miles cross country in one day," organizers 
say. "It is a worthy challenge."

****14,000/100=140 feet/mile. GMM is about 2000/26.2 or 76 feet/mile. A 
"worthy challenge" indeed. A fair test of endurance. 

Actually, I can see myself attempting an ultra pretty soon, at least mentally. 
The thing which holds me back is time for training; I am having enough trouble 
fitting in time for a decent marathon regime right now. The best time for 
getting on a trail right now seems to be with a "long run" in mind -- or trail 
maintenance. But we'll see......

But thanks again for the info, David, and thanks again for the hard work.

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