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Re: [at-l] A simple test........

At 11:57 AM 8/27/99 -0400, Andrew Priestley wrote:
>Another simple test... do you live in a wooden house?  
Yes, It was built in 1865.
>Is it new to you or did you buy it previously owned?
I'm not *that* old. I recycled an old schoolhouse.
>Did you build it out of wood harvested on the lot?
I didn't build it (see above).
>Wooden furniture? 
Yes, about 75% of it inherited or bought used.
>How much paper do you use each day?
Sadly, a lot more than I'd like. I work in an office.
>Paper towels by the sink?
Yes, for things that would ruin a towel.
>Toilet paper or bidet?
T.P. I have a well and have to keep my water use down. 
Besides I'm not French and my bathroom is too small.
>Do you get the newspaper?
>How many magazines do you subscribe to?
Only the ones I can't read in the library.
So what's my score?

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