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Re[2]: [at-l] The world a viewshed

     I'm enjoying the discussion, and I know it started as a concept 
     oriented discussion, but it is tending toward "the applied" -- so I 
     have to toss a couple of thoughts in regarding electric lines:
     Overhead lines are less expensive (by about 1/15th the cost) to build 
     than underground lines.
     Overhead lines require less maintenance year to year (by 1/2)
     Overhead lines last longer (by a factor of two, or more)
     Overhead lines are safer (but this may be a matter of experience, too)
     Because of all this, overhead lines are here to stay. That said, the 
     difference between a neighborhood with buried lines and a neighborhood 
     with overhead lines, to me, is just like the difference between 
     Vermont (strict signage/viewshed controls) versus New Hampshire 
     (commercial signs gone amuck).
     Oh well.
     (A Vermont kind of guy)

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