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Re: [at-l] a beginners running question=?

>  Just as David Addleton about him. 

Don't ass or ax, just ask! (couldn't resist ... no spelling flames intended

> I will chime in. I hike with a 65 year old runner, marathoner, and 
> recurrent surgery for disc disease victim. Ray is unholy, and simply not
> stop running, even after the third cervical disc surgery.He always beats
my > ass on the trail.

Ray is as strong and interesting a hiking partner one could wish for ... he
knows birds by their songs, botany, and much else to make a hike

> He has no 
> interest in AT thru-hiking, and considers the idea boring. As if 26.5
> is an intellectual challenge!

No, but quoting Boyle's law AFTER hiking down Sugar Cove Trail, setting up
camp, and falling into the tent was a most remarkable intellectual feat!! I
wonder who he quotes while marathoning?

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