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[at-l] the mass reply the "a beginers running question?"

thank you for all the advice. i feel better about doign it now.

to answer some questions.
i am 21 i weigh aroudn 200-210 and i am supposed to weigh (according to the
doctor) 175-180 minimum, whatever that means.   i have NEVER had any major
injury or broken bone or spranned ankl, no i did alot of stupid things i
just have been lucky so far <knock on wood> stupid things include falling
2-3 stories out of a tree as a small child. i have been much more pysically
fit in the past and spent alot of time in martial art programs, just good
old hiking, and a few time a week me and my friends would roam about and
begin running around on hills on running to movie theaters and stuff being
just silly ... i have just let  my self go recently(the past two years).
and wanted to help build up my cardiovascular and legs muscles not to
mention lung compacity (lung compacity and cardio have never been strong
points for me). i doubt it  there is anything wrong with me becasue about a
year ago(or was it two now hmmm i dont remmber i dislike seeing doctors)
when i talked to my doctor breifly about it he did not have any complaints
and told me to run and exercise more.

the strecthing seems to help reduce soreness or at least i think (or it did
when i was in martial arts but then again that is a diffrent kidna sore from
a contact martial arts with judo throws.)  i also found i am not nearly as
flexable as i woudl like to be anymore and i figure hell i am gonna run
might as well stretch too.

in addittion to running i have started doing push ups and sit up again and
when i get light i will prolly pick back up pull ups and chin ups.. i did
alot of them whiel i was in a martial art class or program or whatever you
woudl liek to call it and i find after not doing it for a while i can not do
very many anymore.

the pain in my side feels like that normly side pain from breathing to hard
and not exercising enough. i was just wondering if there was any way to stop
that from happening i thought maybe i was breathign wrong. and i have got a
few suggestions nothgin has worked yet but i will keep tryign them til one

and finally i am not trainign for hiking in any way i am trygin to raise my
genreal health level if i some how implid i was using running to train for
hiking i am very sorry.  i try to get out and hike often with my pack to
train for hiking. with my boots on to callasus up my feet int the right
place and everything.  the only thing against me is my pack is getting
lighter as i get better gear and the hiking training is suffering. :) but on
the other hand i am enjoying myself more.

things i also do that i consider fun include but not limited to small rock
climbing or scrammbling, swimming in ocean and rivers(i dislike clorine),
walking, hiking, ( i am tryign ) running, and marital arts.

anyway this running thing is because i think it might be fun after a while
and i am upset about my current phytness level

again thank you for all the replies

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