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Re: [at-l] a beginners running question=?

I will chime in. I hike with a 65 year old runner, marathoner, and 
recurrent surgery for disc disease victim. He always beats my ass on the 
trail. Just as David Addleton about him. Ray is unholy, and simply will not 
stop running, even after the third cervical disc surgery. He has no 
interest in AT thru-hiking, and considers the idea boring. As if 26.5 miles 
is an intellectual challenge!

Atlanta, GA

At 10:52 AM 8/27/1999 -0500, Thomas McGinnis wrote:
>      If we're voting via posts, I think the score is half-a-dozen
>      "Running isn't good prep for hiking" against one (me) "Running is
>      marvelous prep for hiking." None the less, I doth protest:

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