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[at-l] Re: AT -- GMM'99: If I'd known it was this hard....

7/20/99 11:10 PM Thomas McGinnis at UCCLAN wrote:

>     If I'd known that the Grandfather Mountain Marathon was as hard as all
>     that, I NEVER would have run it. Maybe....

I'm no runner.  However, I often attend Grandfather Mountain -- one of the
old guys in a kilt, not one of the runners.  Also, as a volunteer for the
USFS, most years I help clear trails used in the Old Dominion-100  -- which
might be your next step up once you've recovered from GMM.

 The Old Dominion 100-Mile Endurance Run was founded in Virginia on June 9,
1979, one year after Western States appeared in California as the first U.S.
100-mile trail run. Like Western States, Old Dominion's origins are
associated with horse races. In fact, horses outnumbered runners 85 to 45 in
1979, when Peter Monahan (17:56:46) and Barbara Allen (23:13:32) became the
inaugural champions.  The horses and people now race on different weekends.

Old Dominion covers one enormous loop in through the Massanutten Mountains,
the Shenandoah River Valley and Fort Valley. It includes 11 significant
climbs, totaling 14,000 feet of gain. "The course is planned to be a fair
test of endurance running 100 miles cross country in one day," organizers
say. "It is a worthy challenge."

All runners completing the event in 24 hours or less receive a prized Old
Dominion Sterling Silver Buckle. There is a cutoff time of 28 hours.

The race starts and finishes at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds in
Woodstock, Virginia. It is held the end of May or first week of June.

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