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[at-l] a beginers running question?

i have been tryign to train by running( i coudl be joggin too i am nto
really sure what the diffrence is) recently .. now i admit i have not a clue
as to what i am doing.  i have only been at it for two weeks..  but right
now(figuratively) i am running in field. on grass some mowed some not so
mowed.  cause i find pavement hurts my legs.  i am loosing my wind after
about what i think to be half a mile...  but then again it is a big field we
are talkgin about who knows how big it is..    but either way i am jsut
blasted by the end of two laps which i think are 1/4 miles each(some times
only one).    then I walk until I am revived and jog or run again until i
completely blow out again.  by this time my legs no matter how much a
stretch are burning and the calves are soars and i feel all wobbly.    i
strecth again before i stop and i make sure i dont stretch until i have run
for jsut a bit to warm up slightly.

so the syntoms i am getting are:
that pain in your stomach area from breathing to hard
sore legs in general
sore calves in paticular
and this feeling of complete wastedness after a few laps

is this normal for a new runner or am i doign somethign wrong i woudl hate
to be hurting my self. after all i am doign this so i can get healthier not
worse. and i woudl hate to be starting all wron g and not makign any
prgress... now the thing is i am running or jogging about as slow as i can
with out turnign it into a really fast walk.(i think but the definitions
somethimes confuse me)

so any suggestions or hints...  if i was to be able to run 2 miles i woudl
be happy forget a marathon.


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