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Re: [at-l] A simple test........

At 05:53 PM 8/26/99 -0700, kahley7 wrote:
>A marvelous question......one that I have asked of many people in many
>ways.  I have finally arrived at what I deem to be the perfect manor to
>assess someone's willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the environment.
>Do you use a gas or electric clothes dryer?  A simple test.....

I hang my clothes on a clothesline.

>>The earth is billions of years old.  It will be here for billions more.  Is
>>it too much to ask that we look at these issues from the perspective of a
>>fleeting centuries?
>Ok...in the last few fleeting centuries, my beloved PA woods were logged off
>so systematically that the few remaining old growth sectors are designated 
>for protection.
>Now you can walk in the shadow of the trees from my home to NY....almost
>totally on public lands.
>There were virtually no deer in Pa at the turn of the century.  Now they
>in numbers unprecedented.  The last hundred years have been good for
>Wildness of Pa.  Much of PA is protected and husbanded.  Even the
>eagles think so.
>Can you say the same about the protection of our private freedoms and
>over the last few centuries?  Are you free?  Careful how you answer that...

Define what you mean by "freedom" before anyone CAN answer. If we aren't
all speaking of the same thing we'll be talking in circles.

>..clip..  It will be the private sector, working under
>whatever freedoms we can protect, that will solve the problems that
>will minimize our footprints. 

The reforestation and protection of the environment that I've encountered
ALL came from those dreaded *GOVERNMENT* programs that private enterprise
howls about. So were the ones you mentioned. I have yet to see a single
example of large scale (ie. bigger than the highly groomed Corporate
grounds) environmental improvement that was undertaken and continued
without public sector pressure and/or involvement. Often such conservation
is begun through a crusade by a private individual or group but it's when
the public sector, as in "we the people", get involved that large scale and
long term improvements happen. 

Here's a question for you.... if Baxter hadn't given it to the State of
Maine under the condition that it be a park, what are the chances that
Katadyn would not now be a logged over ski area? Do you really believe that
his decendents could/would have kept it and opened it to the public? Are
they both rich enough and altruistic enough to do that? Could we be sure
that their decendents would do so forever? 

I'm not against the private sector but you give it far too much credit. Our
participatory form of government is a very necessary balance to preserve
the public interests. A part of our "freedom" is to join together to
protect the interests of the larger community in the face of those whose
only interest is in private profit. To lose that "freedom" in favor of a
unfettered private sector would be a sad loss indeed. We wouldn't even be
having this discussion on this forum because the AT would not exist.

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