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[at-l] GMM'99: Epilogue....

     A couple of people have asked me how I did in the Grandfather Mountain 
     Marathon (in Boone, NC) on July 10, and I apologize for not posting 
     this earlier. It's big, and not the best writing I've ever done, but 
     for those who've half an interest, here it is. Not entirely 
     I came in 42 out of 400?, and 16 out of ??? males 30-39. That's 
     unreasonably good compared to what I would have projected. Hell, I 
     didn't take the run seriously until I was ten miles into it. My time 
     was 03:41:40 -- actually a Personal Record for the Marathon -- plus, 
     they say to add 40 minutes to your "flat" marathon time to estimate 
     your GMM time -- so I might well break 03:00:00 for the marathon this 
     year, if not at least qualify for Boston in '00.
     Happy reading....

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Subject: GMM'99: Epilogue....
Author:  Thomas McGinnis at UCCLAN
Date:    7/20/99 11:21 PM

     If I'd known that the Grandfather Mountain Marathon was as hard as all 
     that, I NEVER would have run it. Maybe....
     So Kathy crosses the finish line and I hang a finisher's medal on her, 
     and she mouthes something like "Well, I'm not EVER doing something like 
     this EVER again!" I'm crushed. She doesn't mean it, does she?
     In a nanosecond, I figure "Hold on, give her a minute." And after 15 
     minutes or so, when she's giving her husband a post mortem, the phrasing 
     goes like "It was so hard! Like nothing else! I'll never be afraid of 
     any "hill" again! Boston -- pooh! Didn't train on enough hills!" (And 
     then she said) "NEXT time I'll know better how to train for this. (And) 
     NEXT time, we'll blah blah blah." The transition took maybe an hour, but 
     by the time I left on Tuesday, she was looking at nearby White Oak 
     Mountain and the Saluda Grade (I-26) with GMM in her eye. She said "Next 
     year, I want 04:00 hours and masters' winning hardware!" I believe her.
     The course was hard, to be sure, but as we drove the course in a car, in 
     both directions, I couldn't help but think "If I'd known it was THIS 
     hard, I NEVER would have run it!"
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