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Re: [at-l] A simple test........

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Subject: [at-l] A simple test........
Author:  kahley7 <kahley7@ptd.net> at ima
Date:    8/26/99 5:53 PM

kahley observed...
Now you can walk in the shadow of the trees from my home to NY....almost 
totally on public lands.
Then she opined...
<more inartful snippage>
It will be the private sector, working under whatever freedoms we can 
protect, that will solve the problems       k.
     ****Sloetoe seizes the chalk and drones:
     As a free market, libertarian economist working in government 
     regulation, I already represent enough of an internal inconsistency, 
     however, I did have to point out, k, here in front of everyone, the 
     glaringly opposing uses of "public" and "private" virtue/vices in your 
     postie above.
     In short, the private sector of a free market economy does many 
     wonderful things, and does them better than the public sector of 
     either a free market or a controlled economy. That said, it is 
     *usually* observed that markets sometimes fail to provide the level of 
     goods and services which the society would otherwise call for. When 
     that is the case, it is economically efficient to band together and 
     create a "public sector". Examples here include "public lands" and 
     "environmental abatement" (pollution).
     I know, I know: you knew that. Sorry. Feeling pedantic. I'll be 
     Prof. Sloetoe.
     (you should see my exams)
     (btw, I pass the simple test...
     maybe with a "c", but a pass nonetheless.)
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