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Re: [at-l] Re: Hurricane and Tornado and JoJo

Listen, Sam--Wingnut needs no apologies from you.  I'll bet that he will get 
a certain buzz from being mistaken from Green Mountain Man is he ever hears 
about it.  It's just that we don't want to have everyone get mixed up about 
who went ahead of the rest of us.  As far as that goes, I think that many of 
us who had the privilege of meeting Green Mountain Man felt a certain 
blending of souls.

I too am very earnestly waiting to hear about JoJo, carrier of the bandana.  
She lost both partners but struck out ahead with great determination.  It's 
one of those situations where one knows only the sketchy details about how to 
locate her.  What I have are far too few details even to begin a search.  So, 
I ask that all look out for her, and, if your paths cross, please send word, 
including, if possible, how to get mail to her.

Thanks so much.

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