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Re: Re: Re[2]: [at-l] Eminent domain

In a message dated 8/22/99, 2:41:47 PM, kahley7@ptd.net writes:
<<Sorry, my guilt-ometer only goes back to include acts that occurred while I
was actually alive.  Well maybe if you boost the gain, I may have twinges
about the past century.  Beyond that.....nope....no culpability.>>

I wonder if any of us feels a guilt-o-meter reading for those acts that are 
imperceptible as we experience the flow of time during the stages of our 
lives, but add up to environmental and social devastation in a few 
generations.  If we truly care about our children, shouldn't we take the 
blinders off and evaluate these issues from the broadest possible perspective 
instead of from personal greed?  If you happen to be religious and are 
comfortable with the concept of afterlife and eternity,  why can't you look 
at current events on earth from a longer time perspective also?

The earth is billions of years old.  It will be here for billions more.  Is 
it too much to ask that we look at these issues from the perspective of a few 
fleeting centuries?  If we don't use our abilities and wisdom, man's 
footprint on this planet will be short-lived in the overall scheme of things. 
Mother nature is infinitely more powerful than us and will repair our 
atrocities on the planet.  What is unconscionable is that we take other 
species to extinction as we play reckless with the resources we were meant to 

Let me cast my wild and foolish vote that the whole planet be named a 
viewshed and all further development cease!  I'll not let my dreams be 
shackled by practical considerations.  I'd rather hike to a different drummer.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear  
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