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[at-l] the gathering

on the first note.  I would like to tell you what a great day i had today.
it was great becasue in a fitness kick i am trying to get on.  well i have
started running or jogging or something... what ever speed feels comfortable
and i jsut go as long as i can and stop... then i walk around and go again
until i feel i should go home... BUT it was rainign for the first time in a
long time here i n maryland (drought and all) and it was a beautiful run in
the rain i took extra long and was complete drenched by the time i got back
home it was refreshing...

i live at the junction of laytonsville road(108) and georgia avenue (97) in
maryland(about thirty minutes south of I-70 off exit 76) and was wondering
if anyone that was going to the gathering woudl like some company cause i
hate driving alone and figure i could driveor someone coudl drive me as long
as there was not that much extra driving for picking up. we coudl share gas
and help the enviroment by carpooling and heck even USE HOV LANES all very
cool stuff....    if you are interested please get in touch with me via
jeanpaul@iname.com or 301-7740614 and we can see if our schedules will work
out together.  i am being a bad student and missing out on one class at
least  to go ..and i woudl liek to minimize missing out on classes...  18
credits and all

later all


<who woulda thunk that a colege student types and spells sow bad. knot me
that is for shure. >

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