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Re: [at-l] Bucky v David

     Sorry, k, but Tommy don't wanna play. Accounts at the Patience Bank & 
     Trust are overdrawn; I think we've said as much as can be said; and to 
     argue with someone (Bucky) who joins the at-l community, yet refuses 
     to acknowledge it as such, is to be "trolled." We had a good thread 
     going, to which anyone could join [or hit <delete>], but to continue 
     is to replow the same ground. I retire in the face of (I regret to 
     say) boredom.

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Subject: [at-l] Bucky v David
Author:  "David  F. Addleton" <dfa@wimlaw.com> at ima
Date:    8/23/99 5:50 PM

> Why the exchange of emails of course!  But in respect of Wild Bill's 
> sensibilities,
> can we clearly label them Bucky v David (listed alphabetically) so that 
> uninterested may delete?  And if you two choose to take it off list, 
> list me for a CC.  Although I tend to wallow in rhetoric and only come up
> for air.....
> er....I mean logic, when absolutely necessary......... 
> Tommy, you wanna play too? ;^)
Go for it ... off list

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