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[at-l] Blue Ridge Mountain Sports - Williamsburg, VA

Blue Ridge MT Sports in Williamsburg, VA gave me a 10% discount because I
belonged to the ATC.  You need to ask.  I like this store and the employees.
How does this Vermonter know the Williamsburg store?  My daughter goes to
William & Mary.  I go there often because of my interest in history.

Beau Bushor N1MJD
    "bleeder guy"

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Missed this message in the "I've been gone for a week and Gawd look at all
the E-mail" deletathon this morning.  If Richmond is the Virginia one, try
Blue Ridge MT Sports.  I know the Williamsburg store is loaded with
knowledgeable people and the branch in the west end of Richmond seems
equally so.  Just don't tell anyone in the Wmbg store that Skippie sent you.


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