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[at-l] 1001 Duct Tape Uses

You mean this list has to be told that duct tape is good for closing a 
gator's mouth?  Surely this intrepid group knows that a bandana is way too 
flimsy.  FT hikers learn this one the first day out!

As the leader of the evening hike that a lightning-laced downpour turned into 
the hiker feed Navigator mentioned, I just wanted to say that she neglected 
to add that said gator was carried through the restaurant dining room, made a 
special stop at our group table, and was available for photo opportunities. 
The FT may not have Quincy's or the church suppers or the feast atop 
Greylock, but we do have our own unique dining experiences!

Incidentally, Navigator seems to be adjusting to life in Florida.  The 
morning after the gator incident, she happily hiked out to a small lake where 
she tested her goretex boots by stomping on carnivorous plants.    

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