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[at-l] Not for Wild Bill

Mother never raised me to be the poster child for Saddleback Mountain, but I 
hadn't seen this site mentioned on the list so I'll stick my pokey little 
neck out once again and post it:

"For your information, we have established a way for you (and others) to 
keep abreast of the Saddleback protection campaign by E-mail. If you haven't 
already, please go to http://www.c-t-g.com/atc/Saddleback/elm.html and add 
your name to ATC's growing list of people who have "subscribed" to receive 
future updates on the Saddleback issue.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on Saddleback Mountain.


Kevin A. Peterson
New England Regional Representative
Appalachian Trail Conference
18 On the Common, Unit #7
Dept. SB
Lyme, NH 03768-0312
Phone: (603) 795-4935
Fax: (603) 795-4936
E-mail <saddleback@atconf.org>

Visit ATC's Web site, including a special "Saddleback Campaign" section, at 

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