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Re: [at-l] doubble barreled logic and rhetoric?

> > It would've been *glorious.*
>To where or what, exactly, can "it" point or refer? I can grant you here a
>*glorious* ambiguity: depression? you? being? we? me? knowledge? opinion?
>logic? rhetoric? AT-L? ethics? government? justice? eminent domain? the
>email (not) sent? the exchange of emails (not) sent? ....

Why the exchange of emails of course!  But in respect of Wild Bill's 
can we clearly label them Bucky v David (listed alphabetically) so that those
uninterested may delete?  And if you two choose to take it off list, please
list me for a CC.  Although I tend to wallow in rhetoric and only come up 
for air.....
er....I mean logic, when absolutely necessary.........
Tommy, you wanna play too? ;^)

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