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Re: [at-l] Eminent domain

Solar Bear wrote:

> HERITAGE!  What about the heritage of the Native Americans whose land it was 
> before we stole it from them.  Why doesn't somebody tackle a comparison of 
> the concepts of manifest destiny with eminent domain?  

Because that type of argument isn't covered by the modern playbook
of civic virtue.

Besides, who were a dozen-odd million indians to possess an entire

Some might say they were just being greedy. :)

Like the Red Paint people before them. :) :)

>                                                       Maybe we should liquor 
> up the owners of Saddleback and have them sign a conveyance of title while 
> they are drunk.  

Who knows? Throw in a few hookers and some glass beads...

It might work. 

BTW -- If indians thought that land was sacred and unownable, why did
they sell it in the first place?

>                 That's probably the way that property was first acquired by 
> whites.  (Just conjecture -- I don't need someone to do a title search! <g>)

> Our whole culture is based on greed it seems, and the concept of private 
> property is the linchpin that holds the whole stinking edifice together.

Do you own your own body?

Be careful how you answer.

> I have sympathy neither for the gov't or the property owners in this case, 
> though I do hunger to see the land remain undeveloped.  Otherwise, another 
> irreplaceable natural part of the American heritage may vanish forever.

Forever is a long time. Bigelow was clear-cut to the Horns about
fifty years ago. She don't look ruined to me.

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