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Re: [at-l] Saddleback, the real issue

Cora Drake writes:

> I sure feel less in danger of the ovens knowing you're a
> countryman of mine! 

Don't count on it; I'm also a misanthope. I don't fight on
behalf of others. 

>   Fervent sort, aren't ya.

Only when provoked. I haven't been in a good, lively discussion
on this list in almost two years.

Hear me now and believe me later: I *really* tried to refrain
from fulminating on this whole Saddleback land grab. I'm sure
that some of you long-time listers can appreciate what an
effort that was on my part. Then, with only a week or so to
go, I made the mistake of wandering over to Trailplace and
browsing those "big thanks to..." messages.


The rest is history.

> I was just about to send you out for a couple 
> bars of chocolate, hiker buddy. 

I'm not your "hiker buddy." Get your own damn chocolate.

> The campfire draws all sorts outn the woods, and we're the
> richer for it.  

If you say so.

> Tell us why you're called Bucky?  
> Nothing to do with a physicist Fuller from Chicago awhile back, is it?

It's not a trail name, but rather a stillborn nickname. In
college I used to room with the son of the (now) former head
of the Maine DIFW. His nickname was Bucky, his son's nickname
was Bucky, and for some reason a number of people at the
time started calling *me* Bucky. Since then, other associates
have occasionally called me by that name, but more for the
nonsensical Buckminster connection.

So don't ask me about my balls. :)

mfuller@somtel.com; Northern Franklin County, Maine         $
The Constitution is the white man's ghost shirt.  }>:-/> --->

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