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[at-l] Re: On community

>      <snippage>
> Gee Tom, why are you sorry?
>      ***The Toe Speaks: Because "community" increases as its members 
>      increase -- that's the essence of it, even.

It sounds to me that you need accomplices. You need others to
implicitly share the responsibility for the thievery you and
your confederates are about to commit. You want others to provide
their tacit support -- not of the specific act of condemning
Saddleback -- but of the *mechanism* by which you strip the
property rights of another.

After all, the stamp of "democracy" cleanses all acts of sin.

If it's on a ballot, then it must be a valid issue to decide
by poll. And if a majority approves, it must be okay.

And the more people who participate, the more ethical the
process and outcome appear. :)


> >                                "Community" as a concept extends beyond 
> >      what we can see and touch.
> How convenient for those who lust after another's that can be 
> seen and touched.

>      ***Hmmm. The Toe scratches his head on this one, then Speaks: 
>      "Community" is the sense of coming together "in common" -- as in a 
>      settlement, in a village, in a city, and even in a state or region or 
>      country whose denizens don't necessarily bop around "doing community," 
>      but who carry the mindset that the society/community they are in 
>      extends beyond what is right there before them, to a larger circle, to 
>      a connectedness with like-minded individuals whom they may never meet. 

You want the courage of numbers to help carry out an act
that you wouldn't have the *balls* to do by yourself, as
an individual, with the gun in your own hand.

You need me to provide you moral cover. It won't be you who
steals Saddleback, but rather the "community." It won't be
done out of a special interest's greed, but for the "common

Well, you can go it without me. I shan't accompany you. I'm
not a member of your gang, regardless of your assertions to
the contrary.

Long live Lysander Spooner! :)

Furthermore, I'm not going to play your game and blame some
conveniently vague entity like "government" for the taking of
Saddleback. I'm gonna hold YOU, and all who acted to use the
power of government toward that end, ultimately responsible.

>      Hmmm. Sounds a lot like the at-l, eh there Bucky-boy? Like-minded 
>      individuals who've come together *as a community*. Whoa. And here's 
>      news, dude: YOU'RE a part of it.

Don't you dare try to implicate me in your misdeeds.

>      Certainly, we'd be less without you here.

Okay, at least on this we can agree. :)

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