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[at-l] Peeing in the night

Talk about the pee bottle reminds me of something that happened to me when I 
backpacked into Trail Days this year.  The shelter was crowded with thru 
hikers, so in the middle of the night I got up carefully (without a 
flashlight) and proceeded to take care of business but didn't go very far 
because I had no flashlight (I didn't want to disturb anyone).  It was pitch 
dark so I wasn't worried about being seen.  One of the thru hikers, however, 
had a dog, who freaked out over this night activity and came over to me and 
made the awfully racket (I'm was worried she was going to bite me).  Well, so 
much for my trying to be quiet and discreet.  I announced to all that it was 
just Gutsy going to the bathroom.  The poor thru hiker felt really badly 
about the whole thing and apologized over and over the next day!   Gutsy
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