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[at-l] Tagalong

Some of you may remember Jan Kerns (Tagalong) who broke her leg on the AT a 
couple of years ago.  She is now retired and living in Gatlinburg.  She 
continues her trail angel ways.  Right now she's helping Jon (Wanchor) Phipps 
finish up the last of the trails in the Smokies.  He started out in mid-July 
to do all the trails in GSMNP, and lacks just about 12-15 hiking days to 
finish.  Doing these trails requires a lot of shuttling as many are loops as 
some distance from any other trail.  

Well, this last week the borrowed (mine) 86 Honda (160,000 miles) Jon was 
using to get from trail to trail finally gave up the ghost in Bryson City.  
(Is this a list theme--automotive breakdowns in Bryson?)  Jon had previously 
spent a couple of nights at Jan's.  She has now stepped into the picture by 
volunteering to get Jon to the few remaining trails, and then to pick him up, 
and finally to get him to the airport when he's finished.  

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew what a kind, generous person Tagalong 
is. (She's also "tagging along" with Jon on some of the day hikes he need to 
complete the set and says she's thrilled to have someone to hike with as 
she's a bit apprehensive about hiking on her own since her leg still isn't 

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