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[at-l] PoseyPicker at Katahdin!

Hi Listers!
 Met BearBait & PoseyPicker at Katahdin Stream Campground early Friday 
morning. After a round of photos, kisses and hugs BearBait sent Posey up the 
Hunt Trail to finish his thru-hike on a glorious Class-1 hiking day. The 
thoroughly delightful BearBait had her thru-hike cut short at Bland due to 
injury, and says she'll finish up next season. After checking the registers 
on the Ranger's porch and a little rockclimbing by BillyGoat and KK, we went 
Moose watching along the AT at Elbow Pond. Both BearBait and my littlest kid 
( Mikey ) saw their first Moose ever! :O)
 TJ < who didn't climb Katahdin this trip  :::manly pout:::
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