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Re: [at-l] My Year 2000 Springer Pack List

> ***Well, that was too much fun. How much
> weight has the list saved you, Datto?

Got the scale, the transet, the sextant and a
shot glass out. Here's the numbers if I choose to
make the changes:

If I use a mesh bag instead of the pretzel cans I
save 13.5 ounces.

If I drop the ZRest Seat and use the mylar sheet
I save 2.0 ounces.

If I leave the foam rubber pillow home I save 2.5

If I return to an Esbit stove with 12 tabs I save
15.0 ounces.

Since I may be wearing the nylon pants and fleece
top at Springer, they wouldn't be in my pack so
it'd save 14.5 ounces in pack weight.

If I dropped the belt pouch and put the contents
into the top of my pack I save 3.0 ounces.

If I dropped the Sidekick pouch and put the
Platypus Hoser under a strap on the side of my
pack I'd save 2.5 ounces.

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

If I did all of the above, left the food as is,
kept the Gossamer, left the carried water amount
at 1 liter, kept the Pur and added a pee bottle
and some Compeed small, click punck click

My pack weight at Springer on April 1st 2000
would be 31 lbs 13 ounces.


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