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[at-l] Remodeled shelters in the Smokies

I forgot the mention that two shelters were redone in the Smokies -- Icewater 
and Davenport Gap.  Icewater shelter retained the rock and the bunks inside, 
but a new roof, including a skylight, with a new porch...and no bear fence!  
The park people said there have been no bear sightings there for 5 years so 
they are trying this out.  The lower bunk had about 12 inches added so the 
people in the upper bunk don't have to step on the faces of those below.  The 
Davenport Gap also has a new roof, with skylight, but they retained the bear 
fence and there is no porch.  The new skylights really make them much more 
cheery than the old shelters.   We also met Bull of 97 who is the ATC 
ridgerunner in the Smokies.  Gutsy
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