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Re: [at-l] My Year 2000 Springer Pack List

     I agreed muchly with Lee I Joe's comments, but have some others. To 

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Subject: [at-l] My Year 2000 Springer Pack List
Author:  Datto <datto994@yahoo.com> at ima
Date:    8/21/99 8:24 AM

Items included but inadvertently not listed:
Wingfoot's book pages
AT Maps
Possible additions I'm considering:
Pee Bottle (odd section shape or size so can find 
by feel in the middle of the night)
     ***I never needed one. L.I.J. neither; GMC did, and SB too. Here's 
     another thought: Will it be more bother to handle, pack, carry, than 
     it saves in bother at night? I would think it too much bother.
Compeed Small
     ***Tried it during the Indianapolis MiniMarathon. Use your 
     multipurpose duct tape, which carries easier, too, BTW.
Weather-resistent radio (vs the one I have 
included already)
     ***Lose it. I'll be you *already know* how to read the weather.
Possible deletions/adjustments I'm considering 
(received from others or some I've already been 
Use mesh hang bag in lieu of pretzel cans for 
food container
     ***Yah, good.
Buy a Nomad Long, drop the Eureka Gossamer
     ***As a bivy man, I can't comment. I know Kurt would be happy, though!
Drop coin purse (Ha, yeah, I know)
     ***You'll learn to spend to within a dime, then just pack the dime. 
     It's the lightest coin. No, I'm not anal.
Put butter buds, gold bond, jalapeno, cortizone, 
vitamins and ibuprofin in lighter containers
     ***As long as you can tell 'em apart!
Drop Z-Rest seat, use the mylar blanket if needed
     ***I never felt the need for a cushion (after a couple of weeks); I 
     OFTEN felt the need for someplace DRY to sit. I endorse this one.
Drop the piece of foam rubber pillow, get used to 
using the Puffball jacket as the only pillow
     ***I have never used a pillow while hiking, period. But I can tell you 
     that when I got back from the AT, it took about two years before I 
     could *use* a pillow without waking up with a stiff neck. (I said 
     "stiff neck", ok?) Lose the pillow.
Return to an Esbit stove, drop Whisperlight (I 
don't have a crew back home so fuel might be a 
problem for me, plus the Esbit hasn't really 
worked well for me in the wind of early Spring 
but I'm still considering it)
     ***Being a SVEA man, and seeing Kurt R.s alcohol stove work *very* 
     nicely, but wanting to investigate the Esbit's, but knowing that auto 
     gas is available *anywhere*...there's too many issues here for me. I 
     *AM* sticking to my SVEA, though!!! Rock solid dependable (unlike what 
     I've heard about the MSR's) and a very light *carry* weight.
Use Polarpure or Safewater In-line filter instead 
of Pur Voyager
     ***What'a you use these for again? (That said, I don't hike without 
     having a Polarpure somewhere in my pack. Like a compass, I don't use 
     'em, but I won't go without 'em.)
Use a ZRest 3/4 or a Ridgerest 3/4 instead of 
Thermarest Ultralight 3/4 (something I haven't 
yet been able to get used to but am still 
     ***ZRest 3/4, or even a real live ensolite (which is a cream color).
Reduce the amount of food
     ***Say that after the first week. I dare ya.
The nylon pants and fleece pullover will be worn 
on April 1st so leave that weight out of pack 
     ***I'm cold-blooded. And ate poorly early on. I froze regularly.
Drop the MSmith belt pouch, put the contents in 
top of pack
Drop the MSmith Sidekick pouch, put Platypus 
Hoser on side of pack
     ***Give yourself a little time with the MS accesories. Put 'em in your 
     Town Box for a stretch before you ship 'em home. See what works this 
______***Well, that was too much fun. How much weight has the list saved you, 

        Regards, Sloetoe.
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