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RE: [at-l] Eminent domain

Flame away...... I believe that trail corridors can be had without
government strongarming of the local landowners.....

the value of anything that is 'personal' in reality something has little to
do with what a society sees as its value vs the individual.

Some examples are how much money does one spend on an operation for their
pet, after all, my was a mutt from the pound. None to most people, mine was
very valuable.

How much does one pay for their homeland. If one looks at other countries,
they die for a piece of dirt or rock that in reality is almost as valuable
as the Mojave desert dirt.

What is your home worth to you after generations of your family have lived
there yet it is needed for a highway or flooded watershed.

Agreements of 'personal' value will never agree with those the Government
which is really representing our society feels it worth. Afterall, to many
home or a pet is priceless.

I can't put a value on "priceless" anymore then one can put a value to your
sick parent or a child dying of cancer. They are priceless as was that view.

No answers here and no flames. -- Bear Bells

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