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[at-l] Jacques dAmboise - Hiker and NYC dancer

Please visit this page if u want to hear some FACTS about Jacques, the New 
York City dancer that most of us know little about.  Read and enjoy.
http://www.nationaldance.org/frame01.htm - click on Jacques d’Amboise
here is a couple of sentences about Jacques:
Jacques d’Amboise, former principal ballet dancer of the new York City 
Ballet and founder of the National Dance Institute (NDI) is hiking the 2,160 
mile Appalachian Trail and turning 65 during his trek. His journey is two 
fold - to fulfill a life-long dream to back pack the entire Appalachian 
Trail while raising money for arts education, specifically to build NDI into 
a truly national program.
-- He did an interview on CBS this morning, Sat, Aug 20 & said he had hiked 
approx 800 miles, so I guess that means he is somewhere around Bear Mtn, 

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